CNC Gantry Cutting Flame/Air Plasma Cutting
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1.Adopt advanced professional industrial control technology, LCD display with 7 inches'high resolution ration lattice, easy to operate. Main movement structure with gantry type, steady and accurte cutting precision;

2.Chinese and English menu, flame cutting and plasma cutting controlled soft ware operation, transferring cutting mode is very easy;

3.Use alternative dialogue type programming software, transfer the spares' figure and nesting which drawing by AutoCAD, automatically to G code which is needed by the cutting, but no need the human compile;

4.Support USB connection, making the document transferring conveniently and software upgrade;

5.Suitable for two-dimension cutting in different metal panel as stainless steel, carbon steel.





 Rated primary voltage

1 phase 220 ± 10% 

 Track span

4000 mm

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 Track legth

10000 mm

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 Cutting speed

0-2000 mm/min 

 Traveling speed

0-5000 mm/min

 Torch lifting range

0-200 mm

 Plasma cutting thickness

0.5-100 mm

According to the plasma power source

 Plasma cutting thickness

0-200 mm

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 Cutting mode

Flame/Air plasma 

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