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 PVC Chemical Glove

12PAIRS/PKT Comes with 3 different lengths: 27cm, 35cm and 40cm Thick PVC coating over 100% c..

Cotton Glove

12PAIRS/PKT Gloves ranges from 400g to 860g Able to provide protection for your hands. &nbs..

Disposable Glove No.2037(160pcs)

200PCS/BOX Solution to reduce risks of food contamination and provide extra-protection to your..

Heavy Duty Rubber Glove

12PAIRS/PKT Comes with 3 different lengths: 9", 18" and 24" Use to help protect hands from mo..

Jeans Working Glove WKG04A

12PAIRS/PKT Good abrasion resistance Jeans back and cuff makes better durability The most ..

Latex Coated Glove

12PAIR/PKT These gloves are designed to provide comfortable grip and maximum safety to workers. ..

Nitrile Coated Glove

12PAIRS/PKT   Nitrile is a co-polymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. The process to make..