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Aluminium Oxide Cloth

Aluminium Oxide Cloth (Electro Coated) Size: 9" x 11" Grit: No. 1 to 3 Packing: 100pcs/pkt Bran..

Cutting Disc

Cutting Disc (Aluminium Oxide Fiber Disc) Size: 4" to 16" Brand: ANACA, SUNNY, XINTING, TAKA, U-W..

Diamond Cup Wheel

Diamond Cup Wheel Size: 4" Used for cutting, grinding and polishing concrete, hard concrete, marbl..

Diamond Wheel

Diamond Wheel (Concrete Cutting Disc) Size: 4" & 7" Brand: BOSUN & TAKA Made in China T..

Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel

Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel Size: 4" Brand: NEW LONGER Made in Japan Suitable for marbl..

Grinding Wheel

Grinding Wheel (Aluminium Oxide Depressed Wheel) Reinforced abrasive depressed centre Size: 4" to..

HI-LAP PVA FLEX Grinding Disc

HI-LAP PVA FLEX Grinding Disc (Silicon Carbide Grinding Disc) Size: 4" Grit: 36 to 1500 Made in ..

Rubber Pad

Rubber Pad for Air Grinder Size: 4" and 5" ..

Sanding Disc

Sanding Disc (Silicon Carbide Fiber Disc) Size : 4" & 7" Grit: 16cc to 240cc Brand: Hawk Ma..


Sandpaper (Silicon Carbide Abrasive Waterproof Sandpaper) Grit: 60 to 1000 Size: 9" x 11" Packin..

Sandpaper for Wood

Sandpaper for Wood Grit: 60 to 120 Packing: 100pcs/pkt Made in China It is a versatile type of s..

Sharpening Stone

Sharpening Stone (Silicon Carbide) Thickness: 1" Length: 6" & 8" Used to grid and hone the e..