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Aluminium Netting

Aluminium Netting Width: 1M Length: 30M ..

BRC Welded Mesh

BRC Welded Mesh Thickness: 5mm to 13mm Type: A,B,C & D Width: 2.4M Length: 6M   ..


Brickmesh Width: 2-1/2" & 4" Length: 0.4M ..

Chicken Wire Mesh

Chicken Wire Mesh Width: 3Ft Length: 40Ft ..

CQ Welded Mesh

CQ Welded Mesh Thickness: 6mm to 10mm Type: A & B Width: 2M  Length: 3M ..

Fencing Angle

Fencing Angle Size: 2" x 2" Length" 1.5M. 1.8M & 2.1M c/w Fencing Cotter Pin  - 3/16" x..


Fibermesh Width: 1M Length: 100M Brand: QS718 ..

Galvanised Wire

Galvanised Wire Thickness: BWG 8 to BWG20 (1mm to 4mm) Packing: 5Kg & 20Kg per Roll ..

GI Barbed Wire

GI Barbed Wire Size BWG 14  Packing: 5kg/180Ft & 14Kg/280Ft   ..

GI Roofing Mesh 3315

GI Roofing Mesh 3315 Width: 1.8M Length: 27M ..

GI Welded Mesh

GI Welded Mesh Thickness: G17 & G18 Opening: 1/2"Sq, 1"Sq & 2"Sq Width: 1M Length: 30M, ..

GI Welded Mesh 2208, 2210

GI Welded Mesh 2208, 2210 Opening: 2" Square Type: 2208 & 2210 Thickness: 4mm & 3mm Size..

GI Welded Mesh 2218

GI Welded Mesh 2218 Thickness: 1.2mm Opening: 2" Square Width: 1.2M Length: 20M ..

Pre-cut Wire

Pre-cut Wire Size: 300mm to 400mm Packing: 5Kg/Box ..